We were invited as trainee dressers to help out backstage of the Mode ‘H show.

The show incorporates valid and handicapped dancers from all over Europe in representations of several romantic stories or musicals such as “ Romeo & Juliette”, “Dirty dancing”, “Singing in the Rain”, “Starmania”, “West Side Story”, “Le Roi Soleil”…


We were divided into groups of two, each group allocated to a country. It was a testing experience to work with so many different countries. Sometimes to communicate it was rather difficult, especially in the heat of the moment.

“a real emotional experience”

DSCN2938Every culture had different mannerisms and principles and it was hard to know what was done in their country as not to offend them. But we all worked extremely hard and our efforts were thoroughly appreciated.

The most beautiful and rewarding part of this event for us students was to see the pleasure and happiness it brought to everyone concerned.

The total solidarity was truly overwhelming as it encourages equality between human beings from many different countries, people, whatever their handicap. For everyone, a real emotional experience.

We had a heavy heart on the bus ride home...

Helen Freeman