The National Theater of Brittany is a large theatre enabling the running and presentation of several shows simultaneously.

We were both working on a particular show « Les estivants » written by Gorki and directed by Eric Lacassade.

Dressing rooms and wardrobe track


TNB_RENNESWe were lucky at the start to follow the costume designer of the show, Marguerite Bordas. Even if she doesn’t make the costumes, she draws the silhouettes.


The head costume designer of the TNB is Martine Philippe : she organises the direction of the troops and she is in charge of the dressing-rooms and the wardrobe track.


Thanks to this work experience, we had the priviledge to witness three different sides to the job of costume designer : drawing figurines, making costumes and organising dressing-rooms.

For both of us, it was a triple chance


Marion et Adelaïde