I’ve done my all of my work experiences with the Kronope company. It’s not usually advised to return to the same place everytime, but, for my part, I have been extremely lucky.

kronopeThe company was founded in 1983. In its baroque universe and whatever the show, the mask is very important.


Different careers

I was lucky to have touched several different careers being on my placement.


As a costume designer, I repaired costumes for the shows. I saw weeks of 60 hours and I often stayed up all night but the pride was all mine seeing part of my creations on stage


As a dresser, I saw the other side of the stage props, while lending a hand for accessories and trying to make myself useful during the running of the show.

As a lighting director, I helped with the organisation and planning of the lighting. It was very interesting.


On the sidelines

As a make-up artist and accessorist, I worked on the show « Bluebird ». I started two hours before the curtain rise and I stayed on the sidelines to help with the changing of costumes or the
  retouches in make-up.


I even had the opportunity to get on stage myself as a replacement for a member of the company on maternity leave. I played two roles and even took part in a short choreography.

The Kronope family certainly adopted me….


The will be taking me on next year and I shall soon be moving to Avignon to continue my work.

I shall always have a bit of Kronope in me, whatever happens.